Glass Parts Inventory

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Last updated: 20 January 2015 (in progress, not yet are the following "GRID SPACERS", "OLD TILE BASES", "Masks and fixtures", "Test Seals" - info is mostly as of May 4, 2015)

ALD at ANLSee MCP database for more details
ANL-HEP - N2 desicator0Moved to UChicago
--- 13600-XXX X MOhm
UChicago (HEP 321)6Numbered plates are The Four UChicago plates from Dec 2013. Al2O3. Stable.
--- Unknown~20 MOhm (old, tested at APS), for scrubber tests
--- Unknown?? MOhm (old, tested at APS), for scrubber tests
--- 13600-09428 MOhm (Tile #5)
--- 13600-10934 MOhm (Tile #5)
--- 13600-03452 MOhm
--- 13600-10745 MOhm
ALD at ArradianceSee MCP database for more details
Demountable at Fermilab2Stable. December 2013.
--- A1~35 MOhm
--- A2~35 MOhm
UChicago (HEP 321)4Fall 2014. Never tested.

By JoeDrawing: 213 (only sidewal is shown)
UChicago (HEP 321)6+1#: A,B,...,F+G (QC data in Andrey's notes). No electroding yet.
By MRFDrawing: 207
UChicago (HEP 321)2200nm NiCr + 400nm Cu
UChicago (HEP 321)2200nm NiCr + 400nm Ag

3.8mmDrawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)3Spring 2015
2.75mmDrawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)1Spring 2015
ANL - Andrey22014

UC 30 strips 2.75mm Drawing: 147
UChicago (HEP 321)15QC-ed, good flatness
UChicago (HEP 321)10back side is electroded with 200nm of NiCr
MRF2non-flatness ~0.008", candidates for Quote #35085
SSL 28 strips 2.75mm Drawing: 189
MRF6QC-ed: 0.003+", candidates for Quote #35085
ANL - Joe4QC-ed
ANL - Joe2
Incom 3.8mm Drawing:
UChicago - Andrey1a sample to consider

BUTTON SPACERS: (UPDATED 11/16/17 after making tile 21 and before salvaging from tile 20)
Thick Non-ResistiveMultiplicity Thickness in thousanths of an inch
10243.5 mils
40243.8 mils
101244.1 mils
49244.3 mils
3244.6 mils
8249.5 mils
4250.1 mils
10250.4 mils
10250.7 mils
3251.0 mils
1251.7 mils
7253.4 mils
2253.6 mils
6255.9 mils
20256.2 mils
2256.4 mils
Thin Non-ResistiveMultiplicityThickness in thousanths of an inch
1478.9 mils
1979.2 mils
879.5 mils
2279.7 mils
1579.9 mils
1380.1 mils
Thick ResistiveMultiplicityThickness in thousanths of an inchNominal Resistance (3-6 unless specified)
3244.1 mils~30M
2244.3 mils~30M
5244.5 mils~30M
9244.7 mils~30M
7244.9 mils~30M
7245.1 mils~30M
5245.3 mils~30M
1245.5 mils~30M
5251.1 mils
16251.4 mils
3251.7 mils
4251.7 mils~60M
3251.9 mils
6251.9 mils~60M
7252.2 mils~60M
7252.5 mils~60M
11252.7 - 253.6 mils~60M
5253.6 - 254.9 mils~60M
Thin ResistiveMultiplicityThickness in thousanths of an inchNominal Resistance
179.8 mils
180.1 mils
Shims -MultiplicityThickness in thousanths of an inch
201 mils
~1203 mils
~1805 mils
~19011 mils
20020 mils

2mmDrawing: 115
UChicago (HEP 321)20
ANL - Andrey4
ANL - Beneq Lab5for dialing R, likely wet cleaned
UChicago (HEP 321)5wet cleaned
2mm with ALDDrawing: 115
Tile #43R in MOhms: 8, 7, 6.7 (from top to bottom)
ANL - Andrey8R in MOhms: 0.5, 4, 7, 4, 7.2, 8.2, 0, 0
ANL - Andrey2R in MOhms: 16.7 and 15.6 (from last demountable)
ANL - Andrey1Very low resistance (50 Ohm). Was used for support in IR imaging test.
ANL - Andrey1Unknown resistance, some InBi on surface (was used in Tile 1a)
ANL - Andrey1Unknown resistance, small crack
4.5mm with ALDDrawing: 179
ANL - Andrey3All shorted
ANL - Andrey12 broken sections, unknown resistance
ANL - Andrey1electroded on one side, has small cracks, unknown resistance
ANL - Andrey1electroded on both sides, unknown HIGH(?) resistance
ANL - Andrey1R = 8(?) MOhms (from last demountable)
6.5mmDrawing: 179
UChicago (HEP 321)9
ANL - Andrey2
ANL - Andrey1 needs good cleaning from grease
ANL - Beneq Lab1for dialing R, likely wet cleaned
UChicago (HEP 321)2wet cleaned
UChicago (HEP 321)2sides cut, one chipped; wet cleaned
UChicago (HEP 321)1no went slots; wet cleaned

13mmDrawing: 180
UChicago (HEP 321)2Wrapped in foil
UChicago (HEP 321)5In original package
UChicago - Andrey1Small chip on the outside near the corner
ANL - Andrey1
ANL - Joe Gregar4(?)
13mm (NiCr-Cu coated by HLC)Drawing: 180
UChicago (HEP 321)1
ANL - Andrey1
13mm (NiCr coated by EMF)Drawing: 180
UChicago (HEP 321)5

2.75mm window (uncoated)Drawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)7QC-ed, all good
2.75mm window (NiCr-Cu-Sb coated by HLC)Drawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)2Sb layer ~20nm
Tile #41Sb layer ~20nm
3.8mm window (uncoated)Drawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)3Opened
UChicago (HEP 321)11In the original box (opened)
ANL - Andrey1small chip on one tab
3.8mm window (NiCr-Cu coated by HLC)Drawing: 183
ANL Glove Box1Started application of 99.9% In, signs of Cu oxidation
3.8mm window (NiCr-Cu-Sb coated by HLC)Drawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)1Sb layer ~40nm
UChicago (HEP 321)3Sb layer ~20nm
3.8mm window (Cr-Au coated by C.Liu)Drawing: 183
ANL Glove Box1InBi applied, used in Tile 2
ANL Glove Box1InBi applied, never used

Drawing: 207
Andrey2uncoated: 1 new frit (flat) + 1 old frit (not flat)
UChicago (HEP 321)2good, NiCr-Cu coated by HLC (one of these is now Tile #4)
Andrey1to be sent to HLC
UChicago (HEP 321)11c NiCr-Cu coated by HLC, sealed with InBi
broken after Cs trial-1
ANL - Andrey12a Cr-Au coated by C.Liu
leaked after seal, signs of coatings pealing off
UChicago (HEP 321)1NiCr-Cu coated by HLC
overheated during Cs trial-2
UChicago - Andrey1with pins
ANL - Andrey1demountable spare, simple trident
UChicago - Matt1last demountable, electrods through manafold
UChicago - Matt2demountable spares

Masks and fixtures
Window masks (NiCr-Cu-Sb)Drawings: 182, 186,190,191,193
UChicago (HEP 321)3
ANL Chian Liu1used for Cr-Au-Sb
Tile-base masks (NiCr-Cu)Drawing: 208
UChicago (HEP 321)1
Sidewall holder v2 and mask (NiCr)Drawing: 209
ANL - Andrey1Plan to test at APS
Sidewall holder v1Drawing: 196
ANL - Andrey1Fits into Qiti's chamber

TEST SEALS (sidewall+window)
8x8"Figures Library: 58
Andrey4 First successful 8x8" seals in the glove box using NiCr-Cu-InBi interface. August 2013 - Spring 2014.
ANL - Andrey11st Cr-Au-InBi 8x8" seal. Summer 2014. Not fully tested because of crack
UChicago (HEP 321)1Heat-and-serve #1. NiCr-Cu-In.
ANL - Andrey1Heat-and-serve #2. Cr-Au-In.
UChicago (HEP 321)1Heat-and-serve #4. NiCr-Cu-In. (#3 was bare glass and very old parts)