Glass Parts Inventory

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Last updated: 20 January 2015 (in progress, not yet are the following "GRID SPACERS", "OLD TILE BASES", "Masks and fixtures", "Test Seals" - info is mostly as of May 4, 2015)

ALD at ANLSee MCP database for more details
ANL-HEP - N2 desicator0Moved to UChicago
--- 13600-XXX X MOhm
UChicago (HEP 321)6Numbered plates are The Four UChicago plates from Dec 2013. Al2O3. Stable.
--- Unknown~20 MOhm (old, tested at APS), for scrubber tests
--- Unknown?? MOhm (old, tested at APS), for scrubber tests
--- 13600-09428 MOhm (Tile #5)
--- 13600-10934 MOhm (Tile #5)
--- 13600-03452 MOhm
--- 13600-10745 MOhm
ALD at ArradianceSee MCP database for more details
Demountable at Fermilab2Stable. December 2013.
--- A1~35 MOhm
--- A2~35 MOhm
UChicago (HEP 321)4Fall 2014. Never tested.

By JoeDrawing: 213 (only sidewal is shown)
UChicago (HEP 321)6+1#: A,B,...,F+G (QC data in Andrey's notes). No electroding yet.
By MRFDrawing: 207
UChicago (HEP 321)2200nm NiCr + 400nm Cu
UChicago (HEP 321)2200nm NiCr + 400nm Ag

3.8mmDrawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)3Spring 2015
2.75mmDrawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)1Spring 2015
ANL - Andrey22014

UC 30 strips 2.75mm Drawing: 147
UChicago (HEP 321)15QC-ed, good flatness
UChicago (HEP 321)10back side is electroded with 200nm of NiCr
MRF2non-flatness ~0.008", candidates for Quote #35085
SSL 28 strips 2.75mm Drawing: 189
MRF6QC-ed: 0.003+", candidates for Quote #35085
ANL - Joe4QC-ed
ANL - Joe2
Incom 3.8mm Drawing:
UChicago - Andrey1a sample to consider

BUTTON SPACERS: all in HEP (321) (UPDATED 12/6/2016)
Thick Non-ResistiveMultiplicity Thickness in thousanths of an inch
5249.5 mils
2250.1 mils
4250.4 mils
7250.7 mils
2251.0 mils
6253.4 mils
2253.6 mils
6255.9 mils
20256.2 mils
2256.4 mils
Thin Non-ResistiveMultiplicityThickness in thousanths of an inch
678.9 mils
2379.7 mils
679.8 mils
3279.9 mils
2380.1 mils
Thick ResistiveMultiplicityThickness in thousanths of an inchNominal Resistance
1251.1 mils~3-6M
21251.4 mils
2251.7 mils
3251.9 mils
Thin ResistiveMultiplicityThickness in thousanths of an inchNominal Resistance
479.8 mils
380.1 mils

2mmDrawing: 115
UChicago (HEP 321)20
ANL - Andrey4
ANL - Beneq Lab5for dialing R, likely wet cleaned
UChicago (HEP 321)5wet cleaned
2mm with ALDDrawing: 115
Tile #43R in MOhms: 8, 7, 6.7 (from top to bottom)
ANL - Andrey8R in MOhms: 0.5, 4, 7, 4, 7.2, 8.2, 0, 0
ANL - Andrey2R in MOhms: 16.7 and 15.6 (from last demountable)
ANL - Andrey1Very low resistance (50 Ohm). Was used for support in IR imaging test.
ANL - Andrey1Unknown resistance, some InBi on surface (was used in Tile 1a)
ANL - Andrey1Unknown resistance, small crack
4.5mm with ALDDrawing: 179
ANL - Andrey3All shorted
ANL - Andrey12 broken sections, unknown resistance
ANL - Andrey1electroded on one side, has small cracks, unknown resistance
ANL - Andrey1electroded on both sides, unknown HIGH(?) resistance
ANL - Andrey1R = 8(?) MOhms (from last demountable)
6.5mmDrawing: 179
UChicago (HEP 321)9
ANL - Andrey2
ANL - Andrey1 needs good cleaning from grease
ANL - Beneq Lab1for dialing R, likely wet cleaned
UChicago (HEP 321)2wet cleaned
UChicago (HEP 321)2sides cut, one chipped; wet cleaned
UChicago (HEP 321)1no went slots; wet cleaned

13mmDrawing: 180
UChicago (HEP 321)2Wrapped in foil
UChicago (HEP 321)5In original package
UChicago - Andrey1Small chip on the outside near the corner
ANL - Andrey1
ANL - Joe Gregar4(?)
13mm (NiCr-Cu coated by HLC)Drawing: 180
UChicago (HEP 321)1
ANL - Andrey1
13mm (NiCr coated by EMF)Drawing: 180
UChicago (HEP 321)5

2.75mm window (uncoated)Drawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)7QC-ed, all good
2.75mm window (NiCr-Cu-Sb coated by HLC)Drawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)2Sb layer ~20nm
Tile #41Sb layer ~20nm
3.8mm window (uncoated)Drawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)3Opened
UChicago (HEP 321)11In the original box (opened)
ANL - Andrey1small chip on one tab
3.8mm window (NiCr-Cu coated by HLC)Drawing: 183
ANL Glove Box1Started application of 99.9% In, signs of Cu oxidation
3.8mm window (NiCr-Cu-Sb coated by HLC)Drawing: 183
UChicago (HEP 321)1Sb layer ~40nm
UChicago (HEP 321)3Sb layer ~20nm
3.8mm window (Cr-Au coated by C.Liu)Drawing: 183
ANL Glove Box1InBi applied, used in Tile 2
ANL Glove Box1InBi applied, never used

Drawing: 207
Andrey2uncoated: 1 new frit (flat) + 1 old frit (not flat)
UChicago (HEP 321)2good, NiCr-Cu coated by HLC (one of these is now Tile #4)
Andrey1to be sent to HLC
UChicago (HEP 321)11c NiCr-Cu coated by HLC, sealed with InBi
broken after Cs trial-1
ANL - Andrey12a Cr-Au coated by C.Liu
leaked after seal, signs of coatings pealing off
UChicago (HEP 321)1NiCr-Cu coated by HLC
overheated during Cs trial-2
UChicago - Andrey1with pins
ANL - Andrey1demountable spare, simple trident
UChicago - Matt1last demountable, electrods through manafold
UChicago - Matt2demountable spares

Masks and fixtures
Window masks (NiCr-Cu-Sb)Drawings: 182, 186,190,191,193
UChicago (HEP 321)3
ANL Chian Liu1used for Cr-Au-Sb
Tile-base masks (NiCr-Cu)Drawing: 208
UChicago (HEP 321)1
Sidewall holder v2 and mask (NiCr)Drawing: 209
ANL - Andrey1Plan to test at APS
Sidewall holder v1Drawing: 196
ANL - Andrey1Fits into Qiti's chamber

TEST SEALS (sidewall+window)
8x8"Figures Library: 58
Andrey4 First successful 8x8" seals in the glove box using NiCr-Cu-InBi interface. August 2013 - Spring 2014.
ANL - Andrey11st Cr-Au-InBi 8x8" seal. Summer 2014. Not fully tested because of crack
UChicago (HEP 321)1Heat-and-serve #1. NiCr-Cu-In.
ANL - Andrey1Heat-and-serve #2. Cr-Au-In.
UChicago (HEP 321)1Heat-and-serve #4. NiCr-Cu-In. (#3 was bare glass and very old parts)